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What Is 5083 Aluminum Used For

5083 aluminum alloy is a typical 5xxx alloy, having medium strength and excellent corrosion resistance. It is widely used in the manufacturing of fuel tank, LNG tank, semi trailer and ships. Learn more.

5754 5454 Aluminum Sheet for Making Fuel Tanker

5754 and 5454 aluminum plates are both Al-Mg alloy. They have good corrosion resistance, high strength and good forming performances, which are widely used in tanker truck making.

5754 5083 Aluminum Sheet for Special Vehicles

5754 aluminum plate and 5083 aluminum sheet are two main materials for making special vehicles like fuel tanker.Their use can greatly improve the service life of the tanker trucks. Learn more.

5083 5754 Aluminum Sheet

5083 aluminum sheet and 5754 aluminum sheet are two kind of aluminum plate s used in tank truck manufacturing. What are 5083 and 5754 aluminum properties? 5754 alloy tends to be anodized. Learn more.

5083 5454 Aluminum Sheet for Trailer

5083 aluminum sheet is a typical aluminum alloy for commercial vehicles and trailers. Al5454 is very suitable for making tanker trucks for high temperature transportation and powder tankers. Learn more.

Aluminum 5083 5754 for Oil Tank Truck

5xxx alloys represented by 5052/5083/5754/5182, etc., are widely used for oil tankers. What are the advantages of aluminum oil tank truck? What are the difference between 5053 and 5754? Learn more.

5754 5454 Aluminum Sheet for Trailer

5xxx aluminum-magnesium alloys represented by 5052, 5083, 5754, 5454 are the most widely used alloy series. Here are a highlight of 5754 and 5454 in the transportation especially aluminum alloy tankers.

AA5454 and AA5059 for Tank Truck

AA5454 was used in tank truck making in the early 1950s. AA5059 has better comprehensive performance, which is widely used in special tank trucks for petrochemical and other dangerous goods. Learn more.

5083 or 5754 for Aluminium Alloy Load Tanker

Both 5754 and 5083 are used for aluminum alloy load tanker. What are their properties and differences? 5754 aluminum’s Mg content is lower than 5083 and its price is also cheaper. Learn more.

AA 5083 and 5059 Aluminum Tanker Plate

The alloys of aluminum plate for tankers are usually AA5083 and 5059 aluminum sheet. What are the properties of 5083 and 5059 aluminum plate? What are their manufacturing process? Learn more.

Effect of Short-time Annealing on Almg3 Properties

As a typical Al-Mg alloy, 5754 aluminum alloy, that is Almg3 has been widely used in the fields of automobiles and tank trucks. How does short annealing affect Almg3 properties? Learn more.

Aluminium 5083 Plate for Special Vehicles

Aluminum 5083 plate is widely used in LNG tank, semi-trailers and fuel tankers due to light weight and strong corrosion resistance. What are its properties and advantages? Learn more.

5083 Aluminum Tooling Plate for Fuel and LNG Tank

The proper aluminum sheets for tank bodies of oil tankers and other chemical transport vehicles are 5083 aluminum tooling plate. 5083 is also a proper choice to make LNG tanks. Learn more.

Annealing Process of 5454 Aluminum Alloy for Tanker Truck

5454 aluminum alloy is one of the typical 5000 aluminum alloy grades. It is widely used in the field of automobile and tanker truck manufacturing. What are its annealing processes? Learn more.

Why Do We choose Aluminum Sheeting for Trailers

Among the materials for trailers including steel and aluminum, aluminum sheet has obvious light weight and great economic profit. 5052, 5083 and 5182 are the common choices. Learn more.

What Will Influence Aluminium 5754 Properties

5754 aluminum alloy is a typical 5xxx aluminum alloy and is a common choice for making aluminum alloy tanker. How does the cold deformation, annealing temperature and time influence its properties? Learn more.

5059 Aluminum Sheet Transportation

5059 aluminum sheet is widely used for special vehicles for petrochemical, semi trailer and shipbuilding due to xcellent comprehensive performance like better elastic resistance, mechanical properties and corrosion resistance than 5083.

Aluminum Alloy 5454 5182 5083 for Tank Truck

Aluminum alloy 5454 started to be used in tank cars in the early 1950s. 5083 are often used for fuel tankers. Aluminum alloy 5182 is the latest high-magnesium alloy for tank trucks. Learn more.

5754 Aluminum Equivalent

5754 aluminum plate is a main alloy grade used in making tank truck. If you want to look for 5754 aluminum equivalent, 5052 aluminum is a choice. What are their differences? Learn more.

5083 Aluminum Sheet Properties

5083 aluminium, also called en aw 5083, is highly resistant to seawater and industrial chemicals. It is widely used in shipbuilding and tanker truck. What are its properties and other applications? Learn more.

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