5182 aluminum

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5182 Aluminum Sheet for Semi Truck

5182 aluminum sheet for semi truck meets the Europe standards for transporting dangerous goods. It has high tensile strength, yield strength and elongation. Learn more.

5182 Aluminum Plate for Tankers

What are the advantages of the fuel tankers made of 5182 aluminum plate compared with carbon steel and other materials? There is an detailed analysis. Learn more.

5182 Aluminum Alloy for Fuel Tanker

5182 aluminum alloy is the latest high-magnesium alloy for the making of the cylinders, heads and bulkhead of the fuel tankers. What are its advantages? Learn more.

What Are Advantages of Aluminium Alloy Load Tanker

The aluminum alloy load tanker has huge advantage in driving safety and corrosion resistance. 5182 and 5454 aluminum sheets are two main popular choices. Learn more.

5182 And 5454 Aluminum Plate For Oil Tankers

5454 and 5182 aluminum are the two main aluminum plates for oil tankers. What will them bring to the manufacturing of fuel tankers? Learn more.

What Are Advantages of Fuel Tanker Made of Al 5182

Al 5182 is the latest high-magnesium aluminum plate born specifically for the tankers transporting dangerous goods. What are its advantages? Learn more.

5XXX Aluminum: 5182 aluminum alloy

The typical ones of 5xxx aluminum is 5182, 5754, 5083, 5454,etc. They are widely used for manufacturing tank trucks. Learn more.

Why Do We choose Aluminum Sheeting for Trailers

Among the materials for trailers including steel and aluminum, aluminum sheet has obvious light weight and great economic profit. 5052, 5083 and 5182 are the common choices. Learn more.

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