En Aw 5083 h321 Used in Different Types of Tanker

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Tanker types include oil tanker, cement tanker, natural gas tanker, sprinkler and so on. These large tank trucks are going through a stage of transition from steel to aluminum. At present, aluminum alloy load tankers have an increasing proportion in the market. EN AW 5083h321 aluminum is s the most important alloy material for aluminum tankers.

Tanks for transporting aviation gasoline and jet kerosene must be welded with aluminum alloys, because even if stainless steel tanks are used, a very small amount of iron will enter the oil, which is not allowed.

En Aw 5083 h321

The section of the cylinder is a circular arc rectangle, which is based on the consideration of lowering the center of gravity of the vehicle and increasing the cross-sectional area within the range of the vehicle's external dimensions. 5083 alloy is used for welding, and the plate thickness is 5mm~6mm.

The 16t oil tanker developed by Japan's Mitsubishi Motors, except that the tank is welded with aluminum alloy plates, its frame (11210mm×940mm×300mm) is made of aluminum alloy profiles, which is 320kg lighter than the steel frame. The whole vehicle is reduced by 1.5t.

The biggest difference between aluminum and steel in the relationship between properties and temperature is that steel has low temperature brittleness, while aluminum and aluminum alloys do not. Therefore, aluminum alloy becomes a good material for the manufacture of low-temperature equipment and facilities. The tank truck for transporting LNG and the large tank for storing LNG can be welded with 5083-O aluminum sheet.

The cylinder of the aluminum alloy tanker is the core material of the aluminum alloy tanker. The amount of oil to be filled is determined by the size of the tanker body. It is usually made of 5083 h321 aluminum plate cut to size. The aluminum sheet thickness is usually 6mm. Multiple aluminum alloy sheets are connected together by a can rolling machine and fixed by double-sided welding.

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