The Pros and Cons of Aluminium Plate for Tankers

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As a special vehicle of dangerous goods, the safety of tank trucks has always been the focus of the nations and transportation companies. In Europe and America, most fuel tankers has chose aluminum plate for tankers. What are its advantages and disadvantages?

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Bigger Load

The aluminum sheet for fuel tanker are usually 5083,5182 or 5454 alloy, belonging to Al-Mg alloy. Its density is relatively small, so the tank body of the same volume is lighter than carbon steel. Under the fixed weight of total weight, the heavier the tank body, the smaller the dead weight.

No rust

Due to the chemical reaction between aluminum and oxygen, aluminum oxide is formed. Its thickness is only one ten thousandth of a millimeter, but it is very hard and very wear-resistant, which will prevent the rust of tank truck. Therefore, the aluminum alloy tank body will not pollute the oil there will be no impurities during transportation.

Safer transportation

Due to the small weight of the aluminum alloy tank, the center of gravity is lower. At the same time, it is more fuel-efficient due to the reduced weight of the entire vehicle. In addition, the aluminum alloy tank has better thermal and electrical properties, and is easy to release static electricity. When the tank collides with foreign objects, no sparks will be generated, which reduces the possibility of fire.

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Low toughness

In theory, the toughness of aluminum plates is a little lower than carbon steel, but the poor toughness is only relative. Through the reasonable design of the aluminum alloy tank structure and quality aluminum sheet, this disadvantage can be made up.

Relatively short life

The welding of aluminum tanker cylinder nowadays is automatic welding, and each tank has undergone rigorous testing, and leakage has rarely occurred. Through the optimization of the chassis, the pressure of the tanker cylinder is reduced,thus getting a longer service life. So this disadvantage can also get efficiently solved.

To sum up, the advantages of aluminum sheet for fuel tanker far outweigh the disadvantages. Lightweight tank trucks is the general trend. Haomei Aluminum has 5083,5454, 5182, 5754 and 5059 aluminum plate for tankers. Welcome to leave message below to inquire aluminum plate for tanker price.

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