5754 5083 Aluminum Sheet for Special Vehicles

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5754 aluminum plate and 5083 aluminum sheet are two main materials for making special vehicles like fuel tanker. 5754 aluminum plate is with an aluminum content of more than 99.75%. It has good corrosion resistance and can resist the erosion of air, water, acid and alkali and other media. Therefore, it is widely used in marine environment.

5754 aluminum plate has excellent welding performance and can be connected by various welding methods, making processing more convenient. In addition, the mechanical properties of the 5754 aluminum plate are also excellent, with high tensile strength and yield strength, and can withstand large loads.

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In the automobile manufacturing industry, 5754 aluminum sheets are often used in the manufacture of body panels, chassis panels and door panels to improve the lightweight and fuel economy of automobiles.

Secondly, in the field of shipbuilding, due to the good corrosion resistance of 5754 aluminum plate, it is often used in the manufacture of hulls and ship components. In addition, 5754 aluminum sheet is also widely used in railway vehicles, aerospace, architectural decoration and other fields.

In terms of processing technology, 5754 aluminum plate can be processed in many ways. First of all, cold press forming can be carried out, and the shape that meets the requirements can be produced through bending and concave-convex treatment of the aluminum sheet. Secondly, the 5754 aluminum plate can be cut and processed, and the aluminum plate can be cut into plates of various sizes by cutting machines.

The 5083 cast aluminum plate can store liquid materials very well. The 5083 aluminum plate itself has good corrosion resistance, which can well avoid the storage of liquid materials to cause he tank to be prone to rust and corrosion, and can well extend the service life of the tank.

n the tank industry, the 5083 aluminum plate with the same thickness has a corrosion resistance time of up to 15 years. The tank body of the same size has reduced its own weight by about 25%, which reduces fuel consumption, achieves energy saving and emission reduction, and greatly improves the vehicle’s service life.

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