5083 5754 Aluminum Sheet

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5083 aluminum sheet and 5754 aluminum sheet are two kind of aluminum plate s used in tank truck manufacturing. In the same thickness and temper, 5083 alloy’s thickness is larger than 5754 aluminum plate.

5083 aluminum sheet is a typical 5XXX aluminum alloy, having medium strength, excellent weldability, corrosion resistance, processing and forming performance and low temperature performance.

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The strength of the welded joint can be equal to that of the base material in the annealed state, and it has reliable corrosion resistance. The mechanical properties of the alloy increase in a balanced manner with the decrease of temperature, and so does the fracture toughness. It is especially suitable for internal and external welding sheet metal structures such as commercial vehicles, various special vehicles, and semi-trailers.

In recent years, in the surface treatment technology of 5754 aluminum sheet, there is a tendency to develop towards anodic oxidation treatment technology. For the anodizing treatment of 5754 aluminum plate, attention should be paid to the uniformity of anodized film thickness, color uniformity and reproducibility.

In order to ensure the uniformity of anodized film thickness, uniformity and reproducibility of color, the chemical composition of 5754 aluminum plate and the production process of anodic oxidation must be strictly controlled.

It can be seen from the mechanism of anodic oxidation film formation that when the anodic oxidation temperature is low, the formed oxide film is dense and the porosity is small. As the anodic oxidation temperature increases, the oxide film gradually becomes loose and the porosity gradually increases. It gradually becomes darker with increasing temperature.

Therefore, the anodic oxidation temperature is an important factor in determining the compactness of the oxide film, and is also an important factor in determining the color uniformity of the oxide film.

As the current density increases, the color of the oxide film gradually becomes darker, and the thickness of the film layer becomes thicker and then thinner. The reason is that as the current density increases, the pores of the film increase and it is easy to color.

Under the condition that other conditions remain unchanged, increasing the current density will accelerate the growth rate of the oxide film, shorten the oxidation time, reduce the chemical dissolution of the film layer, make the film harder and have better wear resistance.

The properties of 5754 aluminum sheet after anodizing

1. Better protective performance. It improves the wear resistance, corrosion resistance and weather corrosion resistance of parts.

2. Better decorative effect. It has a brighter or colorful surface.

3. The anodizing improves its binding force with the organic coating.

4. It can be used as the bottom layer of electroplating and enamel.

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