Aluminum Sheet For Tank Truck

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Powder tank semi trailer can be divided into horizontal, vertical and lifting tank according to the different tank structure. At present, the powder tank semi-trailers are mainly of horizontal structure,, which is for the transportation of conventional bulk materials such as cement and fly ash.

It is predicted that for a period of time in the future, domestic aluminum alloy horizontal powder tank semi-trailers will occupy the majority share. In the temperature range of 135℃, the mechanical properties of 5083 aluminum sheet (O/H111) are better than those of 5454 aluminum (O/H111).

5083 aluminum sheet.jpg

At the same time, according to the "Cement Quality Management Regulations", the temperature of the cement should not be greater than 135°C. Therefore, when the temperature of the transported bulk materials is not higher than 135°C, such as cement, the aluminum alloy powder tank truck should use 5083 aluminum plate.


The frame should be made of extruded aluminum profiles, such as 6061 L-shaped beams, T-shaped beams, and triangular beams. For irregularly shaped partial webs and other structural parts, the tank truck manufacturers can use 5083 or 5182 aluminum alloy.


Aluminum alloy materials can also be used in accessories such as pipelines, side protection, rear protection, tank roof walkways, etc. It is also widely used for outriggers, air reservoirs, fender,etc.

Haomei Aluminum can supply different aluminum alloy plates for powder tanker, fuel tank truck, LNG storage tank and Moss LNG tank ship. Welcome to leave message below to inquire what you need.

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