What Is 5083 Aluminum Used For

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5083 aluminum alloy is a typical 5xxx alloy and a typical automotive sheet alloy. It has excellent weldability, corrosion resistance, processing and formability, low temperature performance and medium strength performance. Its mechanical properties increase evenly as the temperature decreases, as does the fracture toughness. It is especially suitable for internal and external welded sheet metal structures of vehicles such as commercial vehicles, various special vehicles, semi-trailers, etc.

Haomei Aluminum can produce large size 5083 aluminum plate. The aluminum plates used in tanker bodies are all ultra-wide aluminum plates. Such ultra-wide aluminum plates do not require excessive welding and can reduce the possibility of leakage if the welding is not in place.

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Oil tanks transporting aviation gasoline and jet kerosene must be welded with aluminum alloy, because even if stainless steel tanks are used, a very small amount of iron will enter the oil, which is not allowed. 5083 aluminum plate is used for this aluminum alloy load tanker. The aluminum sheet thickness is 5-6mm.

Aluminum alloy is widely used in marine structural materials because of its low density, high specific strength, good plasticity, and excellent electrical and thermal conductivity. 5083 aluminum alloy is a commonly used aluminum alloy on ships.

5083 aluminum alloy The activation ring of 5083 aluminum alloy in seawater is small and it is easy to return to the passive state. At the same time, its breakdown potential and protection potential are higher than the self-corrosion potential in the stable state, which reflects its good corrosion resistance in seawater. The rust-proof, corrosion-resistant performance and hardness of 5083 aluminum plate determine that this product is suitable for use in marine environments and corrosive environments.

Many foreign speedboats are built with 5083 aluminum alloy. 5083 Al has been widely used in military and civilian passenger ships and many other aspects. 5083-H116 aluminum alloy plate is the most commonly used military and civilian aluminum alloy in the field of ships. It has broad application prospects in military speedboats and high-speed passenger ships. Welcome to leave message below to what you need.

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