5083 5454 Aluminum Sheet for Trailer

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Aluminum alloy tanks lead the lightweight trend of the tank car industry and successfully subvert the design concept of traditional carbon steel tank cars. 5083, 5454 and 5182 aluminum sheets are often used for this application. As an Al-Mg alloy, Al 5454 is a typical anti-rust aluminum. Its strength is roughly the same as that of 5154 aluminum and it is about 20% stronger than that of 5052.

5454 aluminum sheet is used to make such a tank suitable for use under high temperature conditions. The wear resistance of the surface makes it the best material for powder tank cars. It has better corrosion resistance than other aluminum-magnesium alloys and ensures the strength of the material when the temperature reaches 65-170°C during long-term use, making the internal temperature of the aluminum tank car more stable.

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5454 aluminum properties

The shear strength of the 5454 aluminum plate is about 55% of the tensile strength Rm, its compressive Rp0.2 is almost equal to the tensile yield strength, the elastic modulus of the alloy is 69.6GN/mm2, and the compressive elastic modulus is 71.0GN/mm2. The density at 20°C is 2.680g/cm3.

The coefficient of linear expansion of the alloy is as follows:

-50℃~20℃ 21.9μm/(m·k)

20℃~100℃ 23.7μm/(m·k)

20℃~200℃ 24.6μm/(m·k)

20℃~300℃ 25.6μm/(m·k)

5083 alloy is a typical 5xxx aluminium alloy and is also a typical automobile aluminum sheet. It has excellent weldability, corrosion resistance, processing and forming performance and low temperature performance. Among Al-Mg aluminum alloys, it has medium strength properties. The strength of the welded joint can be equal to that of the base material in the annealed state.

The mechanical properties of the alloy increase evenly with the decrease of temperature, and the same is true for the fracture toughness. It is a good alloy for automobile panels, especially suitable for internal and external welding of commercial vehicles, various special vehicles, and semi-trailers.

Magnesium is the main strengthening element, which produces solid solution strengthening and increases the work hardening rate of the alloy. The solid solubility of Mg in aluminum changes greatly with the change of temperature, but the precipitated transition phase β' (Al8Mg5) is not coherent with the matrix, so there is no obvious precipitation hardening effect.

The Al8Mg5 phase tends to slowly precipitate on the slip zone and grain boundary, reducing the solid solution strengthening effect, and causing intergranular corrosion and stress corrosion cracking under corrosive conditions. Therefore, stabilizing annealing should be carried out after cold working to promote the uniform precipitation of β phase in the grain and grain boundary, and stabilize the mechanical properties and corrosion resistance of the 5083 alloy.

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