Effect of Short-time Annealing on Almg3 Properties

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As a typical Al-Mg alloy, 5754 aluminum alloy, that is Almg3 has been widely used in the fields of automobiles and tank trucks because of its medium strength, good processability and corrosion resistance. Almg3 properties are different under different heat treatment processes. How does short annealing affect its properties?

Effect of short-term annealing temperature on mechanical properties

In the recovery stage of low temperature between 160°C and 280°C, the strength and hardness of the 5754 aluminum decrease linearly with a small slope.The tensile strength drops d from 325MPa to 293MPa, the yield strength drops from 283MPa to 242MPa, and the hardness drops from 108.1 HV down to 95.8HV, elongation from 6. 8% to 11.4%.

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At 330°C, the tensile strength, yield strength, and elongation are 250MPa, 150MPa, and 15.4%, respectively, meeting the performance indicators of 5754-H22. At 360°C, the tensile strength of the material is 226MPa, the yield strength is 112MPa, the hardness is 63.5HV, and the elongation is 24.9%, reaching the O temper.

When annealed between 360°C and 540°C, the tensile strength, yield strength and hardness of the material tend to decrease, and the elongation tends to increase, but the change range is low and tends to be stable.

Changes of yield plateau at different heat treatment temperatures

When the annealing temperature ranges from 360°C to 460°C, the yield plateau of aluminum 5754 is 1.3% to 1.4%, and it tends to shorten slightly with the increase of temperature. When the temperature rises to 500°C-540°C, the yield platform of the material changes significantly, there is no platform shape and a certain slope, and the length is about 0.6%.

When the aluminum plate is heat-treated at high temperature, the grain size is more uneven, which will lead to uneven deformation of the material. During the deformation process, the large grains deform first due to their lower yield strength, while the small grains are difficult to deform due to their higher yield strength, which will lead to poor deformation uniformity of the material and smaller yield platform.

In contrast, during low-temperature annealing, the average grain size is small, and the grain diameter distribution is relatively uniform. When an external load is applied, different grains basically yield at the same time, move toward the deformation direction, and produce a yield platform on a macroscopic scale.

In summary, when the 5754 aluminum is held at 330°C for 3 minutes, it has a partially recrystallized structure, and the mechanical properties of the material meet the indicators of the H22 state, which can be used to guide the continuous annealing line to produce 5754-H22 aluminum plate.

The material has a good uniform metallographic structure at 500°C, a short yield platform, and good O-state mechanical properties, which can be used to guide the continuous annealing line to produce 5754-O aluminum sheet. Besides, Haomei Aluminum also produces 5754 h111 aluminum sheet. Welcome to leave message to learn more about 5754 h111 properties.

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