What Are The Alloys of Trailer Sheet Metal

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5454 aluminum sheet is an aluminum-magnesium alloy that is suitable for use under high temperature conditions and has good strength and corrosion resistance at high temperatures. When the temperature is higher than 135℃for long-term use, 5454 (0/H111) has better strength than 5083 (O/H11) aluminum-magnesium alloy.

5454 trailer sheet metal is commonly used to make tanks, and its usage state is O or H111. The main alloying elements of this alloy are Mg and Mn. Mg plays the role of solid solution strengthening and Mn plays the role of second phase strengthening. 5454 alloy has a high Mn content, so the homogenization process will inevitably affect the size of the Mn-containing phase, thereby affecting the mechanical properties of the aluminum sheet.

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Therefore, in order to ensure the stability of the performance of 5454 plates under industrial mass production conditions, Haomei Aluminum has adjusted the precipitation process of Mn-containing phases during the homogenization process of 5454 alloy ingots, and adjusted the alloy homogenization system to achieve stable quality.

The characteristics of 5454 aluminum plate include high specific strength, low density, good corrosion resistance, excellent thermal conductivity and weldability, as well as good electromagnetic radiation protection and thin-wall forming capabilities. In addition, it also contains a small amount of chromium, beryllium, titanium and other elements. The role of chromium is to improve the resistance to stress corrosion cracking and the strength of the base metal and welds, and reduce the tendency of welding cracks.

EN 5083 aluminium ultra-wide aluminum plate is widely used in the manufacturing of tank trucks like semi trailer due to large size of the tank trucks. The larger the width of the aluminum plate, the more difficult it is to control the plate shape. The plate shape has a great influence on the surface quality of the plate and is the key to whether qualified products can be rolled. Haomei Aluminum can make it.

The high temperature deformation resistance of aluminum alloys depends on its alloy composition and manufacturing process. Different types of aluminum alloys have different heat-resistant properties.

1xxx aluminum alloys(1050 and 1060): ave low strength and good ductility. They are mainly used to manufacture parts that do not require high strength. Their heat-resistant temperature is generally below 150 degrees Celsius.

2xxx series aluminum alloys (such as 2024, 2017, etc.): have high strength and hardness and are often used in the aerospace and defense fields. Their heat-resistant temperatures are generally between 200-300℃.
3xxx series aluminum alloys (such as 3003, 3004, etc.): have good corrosion resistance and formability, and are mainly used for manufacturing containers and pipes. Its heat-resistant temperature is generally between 150-250℃.

4xxx series aluminum alloys (such as 4043, 4047): have high heat resistance and corrosion resistance, and are commonly used in dry manufacturing of automobile engine parts. Its heat-resistant temperature is generally between 250 and 400℃.

5xxx series aluminum alloys (such as 5052, 5083, etc.): have medium strength, good corrosion resistance and weldability, and are mainly used to manufacture structural parts such as ships and automobiles. Its heat-resistant temperature is generally 200-300℃.

6xxx series alloys (such as 6061, 6082, etc.): have high strength and good processability. They are widely used in aerospace, rail transportation and other fields. Its heat-resistant temperature is generally 250-350℃.

7xxx series aluminum alloys (such as 7075, 7050, etc.): belong to high-strength aluminum alloys. They have extremely high strength and good heat resistance, and are mainly used in aerospace and military fields. Its heat-resistant temperature is generally between 350 and 450℃.

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