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The prospect of aluminum sheet for fuel tanker

Aluminum alloy load tanker is the inevitable trend of automobile lightweight. In Europe, the United States, Australia, Japan and other countries, aluminum alloy tankers have reached more than 90%.Aluminum alloy load tanker is of 20% lighter than the steel tanker of the same size, but transportation can be increased by 30%.

Aluminum alloy tank trucks are environmentally friendly vehicles. They are of less fuel consumption and pollutant emissions. Due to excellent corrosion resistance, it also will reduce tire wear during transportation, thereby reducing daily operating costs and maintenance costs.

The aluminum plate has good electrical conductivity and energy absorption performance. When the tanker collides,very little static electricity is collected on the tank body, so no sparks will be generated, thereby reducing the occurrence of explosions and other accidents.

aluminum alloy load tanker.jpg

Aluminum alloys

The main aluminum alloy plates cover 5083,5754, 5454, 5182 and 5059. They are all of excellent corrosion resistance and excellent welding performance. These aluminum plates with different tempers can be used for the bulkhead, tank body and head plate of the tank trucks.

aluminum alloy plates.jpg

The applicable tankers

The aluminum tanker plate is widely used in different tank trucks: Moss LNG Tank, Fuel Tank and Semi Truck.

Aluminum Sheet for Fuel/LNG/Semi-trailer Tanker.jpg

LNG Tank

The liquefaction temperature of natural gas is -162°C, and the volume of liquefied natural gas (LNG for short) is 1/600 of the gaseous state, which makes the material requirements for LNG storage tanks higher.

Generally speaking, the outer tank wall is pre-stressed reinforced concrete, and the inner tank wall requires low temperature resistance. The aluminum alloy or steel is used.

Fuel Tank

The aluminum alloy tank body has good compatibility with most chemical media and foods such as acetone, benzene, gasoline and diesel, kerosene, glacial acetic acid,etc., thus ensuring the oil quality.

Semi Truck

Aluminum alloy semi truck refers to that most parts are made of aluminum except for axle, suspension device, traction device. Through the use of aluminum plates and the optimization of the automobile structure, the volume is increased greatly. At the same time, thetransportation efficiency also get improved a lot and the transportation cost is decreased.

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